Les Amis du Château de monteton

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The Chateau has been listed since February 8, 2008

by the Heritage Buildings of France.


A great cultural association open for all to Join "Amis du Château" !
By becoming a "Friend of the Castle" you will support the efforts for the restoration of the monument.

Your membership will allow you to:

- Receive all publications of the association

-Take advantage of free admission at all times at the Chateau.

Membership - Individual: € 20 - couple: 30 €


The Chateau of the XVIIth century was abandoned in the XXth century which meant that one wing of the Chateau collapsed and resembled a stone quarry, but retained its general shape and is dominated by the main building.

You will also struck by the resemblance of its pediment with the three lobes like Château de Duras.

A charming medieval village

Overlooking the Dropt valley, Monteton is a small friendly village, in its midst, a Roman style church from the XIth century.

The legend tells of thirteen bell towers that, in this peaceful place between heaven and earth, you can see the thirteen bell towers of the neighbouring valleys. Do not hesitate to go there to check it out.

In the 70's, Rene White, author of "History of the countryside of Duraquois" wrote a book on Monteton he entitled "Monograph of a country without history."

Do not come here thinking that our village has no history, let us say she knew, then as now, that it is better to remain immune to the quarrels of history and cultivate the art of living in peace ...

 But back few centuries in the history of our village ...

This is the VIIth century the Christians invest in the county of Bézaume which Monteton.was then part of. Remaining silent for more than two centuries, frightened by the terrible Normans, it was from the VIIIth century, under the leadership of Charlemagne, the monks began to conquer the region, appropriating the area for the Church of Sarlat, among which was the village of  Monteton. Over the seven centuries that followed saw the monks argue aggressively over some of the land and who owned it ... So the county of Bézaume was cut into slices and, in the XIIIth century, Monteton stayed with the Sarlat church. This land was divided into three and fervently worked. It was also at this time that the church built which was said to be a jewel of Roman style art ...

The centuries saw a few great lords stay with us. The land was still worked and planted with vines, the wine was transformed into eau-de-vie and shipped to Bordeaux, life took its course without too many jolts until the Revolution. While all citizens of Monteton became Bonapartist, the town, deserted by its young, was facing a serious economic crisis.

Monteton rose, fell back, rose again many times over the years that followed, clinging to trade its water of life and mass culture of the Ente plum ... At the dawn of the XXth century Monteton is totally deserted by the bourgeoisie and the rural exodus of its population dropped from 800 to 300 people, but Monteton continues its "career" of peace, harmony and tranquillity ..

Discover and experience,

share, support,

dream and restore.

the site of Castle Monteton.

The Association des Amis du Chateau de Monteton is born!

Summer 1974 we were on the road looking for a space.... and during the last 20 years.... we were looking to live, invent, support, share, a playground to discover, to construct

.... on our route, the ruin of Chateau de Monteton and its 12th century foundations.

....May 2008, the whole of the site of Chateau de Monteton is listed as a Historical monument (not the family).

40 years in 2014, of life shared with all of the travellers who pass through the portals of Chateau de Monteton.

Music, studies, ideas exchanged, with families, between friends....

Good times sheltering within the magical atmosphere of the halls of the Chateau...many unique experiences growing within the colours of this amazing  environment, Monteton.

This "living Castle ," continues its journey with its welcoming ruins to undoubtedly many more sunrises and sunsets.

The Association des Amis du Château de Monteton is taking over!

To support the chateau in new adventures.

To breathe more life into the restaurant, letting it blossom.

To continue discovering the wealth of all its 'visitors'!

In brief what the association offers is a new life for Chateau de Monteton that will resonate in the passing of the years to come.

Renata, Jacqueline, Yves & Patrick

Welcome to the site of The Association des Amis du Château de Monteton.

The association was created in April 2011 and it’s objective is the restoration of the buildings which constitute the Chateau de Monteton and the promotion of Chateau de Monteton.

We wish with the aid of our friends to preserve the extraordinary ambiance and creativity which has reigned at Château de Monteton over the past centuries and more recently the past 40 years thanks to the hard work, courage and the incredible commitment of the families DIJOL and FERAMUS.

We need to absolutely conserve this magical and beautiful setting with its warm and friendly welcome for its patrons, friends and families that live in and visit Chateau de Monteton.


2012 will be the official launching of the association which will head this magnificent project with soul and passion.

Your support will allow competent artisans who work with BATIMENTS DE FRANCE saving and restoring listed buildings, to save and restore Chateau de Monteton which celebrate 812 years of standing proud, this year.

Best regards